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PRTC's Check Acceptance Policy

1. Bad Check List:

PRTC maintains a Bad Check list. Checks will not be accepted from anyone whose name appears on this list.

2. Bank, Address, Other Information:

Passengers must currently live in our local, commuting area; that is, in the basic Northern Virginia area. Out-of-state banks are acceptable. The check must indicate:

(1) Current, local address in Virginia,

(2) Home and work phone numbers,

(3) VA Driver’s License number, military or DOD ID number or other identification number.

a. If a former address or only a name appears on the check, the above information must be hand written on the check. Identification with picture, signature, and an ID number must be presented.

b. Temporary “starter” or counter checks are not acceptable.

c. The check should be made payable to: PRTC.

3. Approved Forms of Identification:

Picture, signature and some type of identification number; such as DOD Building Pass Number, Virginia Driver’s License Number, military ID, DOD ID, etc.

4. Conductor’s Responsibility:

The Conductor’s are required to check the Bad Check List and confirm that the required information is on the check.

a. Compare the picture and signature on the check with the ID.

b. Write an ID number on the check (Social Security numbers will not be written on the check without permission from writer of check).

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