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OmniRide Lake Ridge-Washington PM Schedule

Only key time points are listed on the timetables below. If your stops falls between two time points, use the time of the stop before yours as the time you need to arrive at the stop.

To see all stops for a trip, see the map.

Downtown Washington to Lake Ridge, Weekdays PM

First trip 12:00 PM
Last trip 7:26 PM

L-200 trips originate in Crystal City. See the Lake Ridge-Pentagon & Crystal City schedule.
M-1, M-2 and M-15 continue to Manassas. See the Manassas schedule.
D-121 continues to Dale City. See the Dale City-Washington schedule.

  Virginia & 21st (State Dept.) 18th & Pennsylvania 14th & Pennsylvania
(Commerce Dept.)
Pentagon (Bus Bay L2) Rt. 123 & I-95 Commuter Lot Lake Ridge Commuter Lot
Trip Number Days of
  These are approximate drop-off times.
Buses will not wait for listed times.
D-101T M-F 12:00 12:05 12:16 12:26 continues to PRTC
L-201 M-F Originates in Crystal City 12:34* 1:05 1:19
D-102T M-F 1:45 1:50 2:01 2:13 continues to PRTC
L-202 M-F Originates in Crystal City 2:20* 2:50 3:04
L-101 M-F 3:15 3:20 3:32 3:43 4:14 4:29
L-102 M-F 3:40 3:45 3:58 ---- 4:30 4:45

MONDAY-THURSDAY: L-103 through L-112 buses operate approximately every 10 minutes.

These trips do not stop at the Pentagon.

On FRIDAYS: L-103 through L-112 buses operate approximately every 20 minutes.

L-113 M-F 5:53 5:59 6:14 6:29* 7:02 7:20
D-121 M-F 6:16 6:23 6:43 6:55* continues to Dale City
L-209 M-F Originates in Crystal City 6:55* 7:27 7:42
L-114 M-F 6:42 6:46 6:59 7:10* 7:41 7:59
L-115 M-F 7:10 7:14 7:25 7:35* 8:03 8:20
* These buses hold at the Pentagon for transfers from other OmniRide routes.
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