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What is OmniLink?

OmniLink BusOmniLink is the local (demand responsive) bus service that operates in eastern Prince William County and the Manassas area. OmniLink was designed to meet the transportation needs of the entire community, including individuals who may have difficulty getting to established bus stops. Unlike a traditional public bus service that operates only along a designated route, with advanced notice OmniLink buses can be rerouted to serve locations up to ¾ mile off the route when there is time available in the schedule. OmniLink service balances the amount of time available for off-route trips and ensuring that bus service is reliable for all customers.

OmniLink buses only stop at posted OmniLink bus stops, on-demand stops and scheduled pick up or drop off locations. Drivers cannot make unscheduled route changes.

OmniLink operates in the Manassas and Manassas Park areas Monday through Friday from 5:30AM through 8:00PM. The Eastern Prince William routes serve Dale City, Dumfries, Quantico, Route 1 and Woodbridge/Lake Ridge and operate Monday through Friday from 5:30AM through 10:30PM. These eastern routes also operate from 7:30 AM through 10:30 PM on Saturdays. Times vary for each route, see schedules for exact operating times. Plan to arrive at your pickup stop 5 minutes early.

What is the Cross County Connector?

Cross County Connector BusCross County Connector buses connect eastern Prince William and the Manassas area, via the Prince William Parkway. Passengers may transfer to or from both OmniRide commuter buses and local OmniLink buses at designated bus stops along the route. Perfect for fun or business, Cross County Connector buses provide access to Prince William County offices and major shopping locations on both ends of the route. Please plan to arrive at your pickup point 5 minutes early. See schedule for bus stops and hours of operation.

Customer Service

The PRTC Customer Service Office is open 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM, Monday - Friday, except holidays. Lobby transactions are processed 7 AM - 7 PM, Monday - Friday. To schedule an off-route trip, contact Customer Service weekdays between 7:30 AM - 7 PM. Customer Service is available by calling 703-730-6664 or 888-730-6664 or sending email to

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