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How to use the ReadSpeaker Listen Function

The ReadSpeaker Listen function reads the text on our website out loud to you. It provides assistance if you have trouble reading text online or if you just want to multi-task while visiting our website. For some, having the text read out loud may make it easier to understand the information on the website and makes the content more accessible. Just a few clicks of your mouse is all it takes -- as a user, you don’t have to download anything.

How does it work?

Listen to the main content

You simply click the Listen button, located at the top left corner of the page contents, to activate the feature.

After clicking the Listen button, an audio player will appear and ReadSpeaker will begin reading the text of the webpage out loud.

In the player you can:

  • Pause/restart the reading
  • Stop the reading
  • Click the settings icon to adjust the behavior of the function
  • Click the download icon to download the audio file
  • Close the player

You can use tab or shift+tab to navigate inside the player and press enter to activate a certain button or link.

Listen to selected text

You can also select a part of the text that you want to listen to and then press the pop-up Listen button that appears next to the mouse pointer. When you click the pop-up Listen button, an audio player appears and ReadSpeaker will begin reading the text you have selected.


In the settings menu, you can:

  • Select how fast you want the text to be read fast
  • Choose whether you want to have the text highlighted while it is read
  • Choose if or how the text will be highlighted as it is read aloud
  • Select style and colors for the highlighting
  • Choose to enhance the visibility of the text being read so that it appears in a large pop-up box at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose whether you want the page to scroll automatically to follow the highlighted text
  • Choose whether you want the pop-up Listen button to be shown when text is selected
  • Restore all settings to the original defaults

You can also listen to the settings by clicking the Listen button at the top right of the Settings menu.

Please visit ReadSpeaker's website for more information about online text to speech.


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