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Posted 05/24/2018

WOODBRIDGE, VA – Teens who want the freedom to get around town independently but lack a driver’s license or access to a vehicle need OmniRide’s Teen Summer Bus Pass! With the pass, teens can travel around the Prince William County area without relying on their parents for a ride!

The pass enables those ages 13-19 to get unlimited rides on OmniRide local buses from June 1 – September 1, 2018 for $30. The pass is perfect for summer jobs, trips to area malls and libraries, and just hanging out with friends.

Through the years, many teens have told us they like the Summer Bus Pass because it allows them to get to summer school and other activities without having to rely on others for a ride. And because each OmniRide local bus has a bike rack, teens can take their bikes with them for even greater mobility!

The summer pass costs $30 if the teen already has a SmarTrip card, otherwise there is an additional $2 fee. PRTC’s one-way local fare is currently $1.55, so a teen who takes more than 10 local round-trips over the summer will save money with a pass.

In addition, teens can use their Summer Bus Pass to get discounted fares when traveling on OmniRide express buses to nearby Metro stations and Washington, D.C, simply by paying the difference between the local and express bus fare!

Pass sales begin on Tuesday, May 29 at the OmniRide Transit Center in Woodbridge. For more information about bus routes, schedules and the Teen Summer Bus Pass, call (703) 730-6664 or visit

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