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What is OmniMatch?

Riders in a Van PoolOmniMatch is a FREE, personalized ridematching service for carpoolers and vanpoolers. Through the use of an extensive regional database, OmniMatch links commuters who have similar work hours, origination and destination points. In just one brief phone call or by completing the MatchRequest form, our Rideshare Specialist can obtain all the data necessary to create your ridesharing matchlist. It can be delivered by email, fax or regular mail.

Carpools or Vanpool, What's the Difference?

Carpools generally operate on a share-the-ride, share-the-cost basis. With an average of three people, each member may not be required to drive more than one out of every three weeks. Vanpools are more formal operations, with a primary and back-up driver. Their roomy interiors carry up to 15 passengers.

There are OmniMatch carpools and vanpools originating from commuter lots within the Prince William and Manassas area with destinations throughout Northern Virginia, the District and Maryland.

Vanpool Incentive Programs

PRTC provides funding for VanStart and VanSave programs which provide financial assistance to vanpools. Further information and eligibility requirements are available here...

Carpool Incentive Programs

PRTC is a regional partner with Commuter Connections, which promotes alternatives to driving alone - whether you're a commuter or an employer looking for commuting solutions for your staff.

Could You Be a Slug?

Slugging describes a casual carpooling phenomenon that is unique to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. To take advantage of faster commute times in the area's Express toll lanes and High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, commuters form casual, on-the-spot carpools. Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) drivers will pick up enough passengers going to the same or nearby destination to allow legal use of the HOV lanes and/or to use the Express lanes without having to pay a toll. No money is exchanged yet everyone wins - the driver has a faster commute in the Express and HOV lanes and the passengers get a FREE ride. Slug lines typically form at locations such as commuter park and ride lots, at or near major employment sites such as the Pentagon, or along the 14th Street corridor in DC. For more information about this non-traditional commuting option visit or

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